Associate Assistance Program (AAP)

The Associate Assistance Program is a free, short-term confidential counselling service for associates and immediate family members.

What is the Associate Assistance Program (AAP)?

  • A free, confidential counselling service
  • A ‘self-referred’ service…no one needs to know you are accessing the AAP
  •  Confidential - Information can only be released to other parties (including Mars) with your consent

Why does Mars have an AAP?

  • People seldom get through life without having to deal with a mental health issue...45% of Australians will experience a mental health illness in their lifetime
  •  Poor mental health can impact many aspects of ‘quality of life’…relationships, work, physical health, sense of purpose & self-worth are just a few
  •  ‘Talking therapy’ (through accessing the AAP) is known to be an effective approach for mental health problems  
  •  There remains a stigma around talking about mental health problems…we want to change that
  •  There is a mutual benefit – healthy associates, health business

The AAP  can assist with…

  • Depression
  •  Anxiety & stress
  •  Relationship problems
  •  Drug and alcohol or addictive issues
  •  Grief & loss
  •  Personal or workplace conflict
  • Motivation & self-esteem
  •  Coping with change

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