Feel Good Month

It's ordinary nowadays to mention how busy the modern lifestyle is. But despite how ordinary it is, it's the main reason we all need to take the time out.

Stepping back and doing something good for you and for others is important in preserving your personal wellbeing.

This month, it is the perfect time to help others and help yourself. It's time to make the most of it and feel good.

 #1 - Share your story    
  …Tell us what makes you happy   Share
 #2 - Post a photo    
  …Share with us a photo of your favourite 'feel good' food   Share
 #3 - Read an article    
  …Do something good for yourself   Read
  …The benefits of volunteering   Read
  …5 unhealthy fitness habits you must break today   Read
  …Mindful Eating   Read
  …Using your smartphone for your mindfulness   Read
  …Walking Meditation   Read
  …Kick your smoking habit   Read
 #4 - Watch a video    
  …Less stuff, more happiness   Watch

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